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Find suitable applicants

Save time in the selection of staff and find the right applicants immediately. With JobUnicorn you get the perfect fit, i.e,: an effective and scientifically established candidate fit. Our intelligent matching behind the job advertisements will even take you through the pre-selection process. This saves you time and effort and you can focus entirely on the best candidates.

3 good reasons to use our job advertisements:

Perfect matching

Find perfect candidates that match in hard and soft skills and the answer to your individual questions.

save time

The time-consuming pre-selection of potential applicants is simply done by our matching algorithm.

save money

No additional costs for additional matching providers, with us everything is included – at the normal price of a job advertisement.

Perfectly fitting applicants in 3 easy steps

Unicorns are the better employees, as they are individual personalities with unique characters and qualifications that fit perfectly to your corporate DNA.
And therefore, unicorns are also the better applicants!

Online-Stellenanzeige erstellen

1. Create an online job posting

Simply put your job advertisement in our system, by compiling your ad individually or upload it as PDF.

Our questionnaire takes only 10 minutes

2. Answer the key questions

Answer a few questions about your desired candidates.
Thanks to our scientifically based questionnaire you do not have to think about what your perfect candidate should be like in advance – our algorithm will determine that.

unser Matching-Algorithmus liefert sofort passende BewerberInnen

3. Find your unicorns

Once you have answered all the key questions, you will be immediately matched with suitable candidates from our talent pool.
Further requirements, hard skills etc are matched by our system and you can see the results in real time.


Now find your Unicorn

Matching delivers the best results

+ 97%

More motivation

Employees who are happy in their work environment are 97% more motivated in direct comparison to those who are not.

– 93 %

Less fluctuation

93% of the employees who find a suitable employer remain for the long term

+ 68 %

Increased productivity

Teams that match perfectly are 68% more productive than teams with a single toxic employee.

– 47 %

Less missed time

Employees who are in harmony with their colleagues have a 47% reduction in absenteeism.


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And all this in real time!

Immediately after completing the questionnaire, you will receive the first matching results.

Secure your spot at the forefront:

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The position displayed with integrated matching – for perfect matching

Stellenanzeige mit integriertem Bewerber-Matching

The problem with traditional job advertisements: There is little pre-selection. Interviews as pre-selections are very time-consuming and nerve-racking. This process is already burdened with complex communications and cancellations? From now on, we will take over for you! Because you get a job announcement with integrated pre-selection.

Job advertisements with integrated applicant matching are the recruiting tools of the future. This will help you find candidates who are perfectly suited to your company culture. The basis for our matching is our questionnaire analysis and a psychological typing of the applicants. Thus, in addition to the hard skills, we also explicitly show the suitability of the soft skills in the company culture.
This integrated pre-selection saves you time and ensures a sustainable selection of personnel.
Also since suitable candidates can be integrated more quickly into existing teams, recruiting directly affects your key figures.

Matching applicants are essential.

What is the reason for unproductive staff? For example, employees who are constantly fighting the operating climate. So-called „Toxic Employees“ block the workflow in the team – and thus the productivity in the company.
Mistakes in the personnel selection cost you and your company nerves, time and money.
However, anyone who knows the characteristics of the applicants, as well as their motivation, can make precise personnel decisions and thus avoid nasty surprises. Committed employees are a key success factor for any company, and should be selected to suit individual requirements of the position, team structure, workplace, and corporate culture. This is the only way to develop talent and experience to the best possible extent.  This is the way to strengthen your competitive sustainability to it’s full extent.
That is why comprehensively suitable applicants for companies are essential!
With Jobunicorn they can be found – through personal psychological expertise and individual matching.

Matching = BewerberInnen und Unternehmen passen perfekt zusammen

beta-pricing: test us out


Just try our solution.
In the beta phase we will give a 50% discount on all packages!
When booking, enter the following discount code: EINHORN50% BETA * 4/17

You want more discount?
For smaller companies, start-ups and NGOs, we offer special conditions. Write us!

Auf der Pirsch

  • A handle on the talent pool
  • Extensive search & filter
  • Company profile and logo

Hunted Unicorn

  • 1 Job advertisement including matching
  • soft-skills matching
  • hard-skills matching
  • 5 individualized questions
  • immediate matching with the talent pool
  • Extensive search & filter
  • Boost your job advertisement

Unicorns inside

  • Unicorn matching with your company culture
  • Integrated pre-selection of all applicants on your career page
  • Automatic feed-in from our talent pool
  • Personal consultation for the best possible matching
  • ATS-Anbindung
now find your matching Unicorn

Experts reactions

Society of Human Resource Management
Fluctuation as a result of a bad cultural fit can cost companies 50-60% of the employee’s annual salary.
Society of Human Resource Management
Howard Schultz
No CV can tell you whether a person will fit into the corporate DNA.
Howard Schultz, CEO Starbucks

Experience our matching tool live

Would you like to get to know us personally and get an exclusive introduction to the best candidate matching in the German-speaking market?
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Sie finden unseren Stand S.01-A in der Halle 2.1 (Start-up Area).
Besuchen Sie auch unseren Vortrag „Recruiting 2022“
am 21.9. um 13:40 Uhr auf der Start-up-Bühne.

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Talk now with the matching experts

Talk to our matching professionals and learn more about our procedure. Our experts will give you an exclusive introduction to the best candidate matching in the German-speaking market.

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now find your matching Unicorn
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