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Now find your fitting applicants

Hunt down your one Unicorn

Are you a personnel service provider or a large company with many internal applications and your own career web page?
Go one step further and get the unicorn hunt straight into your recruiting process. We will happily develop a tailor-made matching for you and provide you with a system exclusively and perfectly adapted to your needs. Show suitable candidates on your career page that you are the perfect employer and attract more motivated and productive professionals for your company.

Please contact without obligation – our matching experts will be pleased to advise you.

Unicorns inside

  • Unicorn matching with your company culture
  • Integrated pre-selection of all applicants on your career page
  • Automatic feed-in from our talent pool
  • Personal consulting for the best possible matching
  • ATS-Anbindung

On the hunt for perfectly matching applicants

Find potential candidates before you post the job adverstisement.
This makes it possible to find out whether the applicant who is suitable for your company is already waiting for you in our talent pool.

Einfach einloggen in die fabelhafte Welt der Einhörner

1. Easy login

Sign up and create your business profile.
The first Unicorn search is free for you.

filtern Sie die Skills der BewerberInnen nach Ihren Wünschen

2. Filter your criteria

Browse our talent pool for the desired hard skills and look for further details on your ideal candidates.

unser Matching-Algorithmus liefert sofort passende BewerberInnen

3. Find suitable candidates

Our system shows you applicants who meet your search criteria. Even before booking a job advertisement, you know who is waiting for you in the talent pool.

It is increasingly difficult for companies to be found by suitable applicants. Therefore, more and more companies are trying to get into direct contact with potential applicants. offers excellent opportunities to actively seek the right candidates. When you place a job advertisement in our system, you can search our talent pool for perfectly matching candidates. You can search for matches in the personality profile and filter them by location, travel or professional qualifications and hard skills.

With us you can also reach passive candidates, who have not yet applied, but which fit perfectly to your position. This enables you to fill vacancies faster – with new employees who fit into the corporate DNA.

Direct communication with the appropriate applicants

We will provide you with suitable candidates and enable you to communicate quickly and easily with your future employees. If you have found suitable candidates, you can contact them directly: we offer digital business card exchange, our integrated chat system, the classic email, our innovative appointment-making tool, or you can simply contact us with your desired candidates.

Now find matching candidates
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