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Your life, your job! Find your dream job, one that suits you and your personality, with us. Use our matching algorithm to find the appropriate corporate culture. Your perfect job is waiting for you.

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What is the perfect match:
A dream job without compromise

You spend a lot of your life at work, with colleagues and managers. So look for a work environment that supports you, in which you can realize yourself. You are unique as a unicorn – and unicorns deserve an environment they enjoy. Our matching algorithm helps, using our psychological personality test, find which environment is perfect for you.

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Which unicorn are you?

We at jobunicorn know that everyone is the best at something,  and that you are only good in things you enjoy! That’s why our job matching picks jobs that fit perfectly to you and your unicorn abilities.

But how do you find your very own unicorn skills?
Once you log in, our system will reveal your personal unicorn skills. After the test you get a detailed summary of your personality and tips to which kind of jobs fit well to you.

You will also get your own unique unicorn picture, to share on Facebook or Twitter and see what unicorn your friends are.

Which unicorn are you?
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Don’t waste time and energy looking for jobs that do not fit you and your lifestyle. Become part of our talent pool: We provide you with job offers that value your strengths, weaknesses, desires and qualities. Our system compares your profile and your preferences with the current job offers and automatically proposes, in real-time, fitting positions. Just a click is enough to get a step closer to your new dream job.

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The employer who will fit you will find you.

With JobUnicorn you will be found: Our system actively suggests suitable candidates to companies from our talent pool. So you can also find dream jobs that you had not thought of before. Initially, your profile will remain anonymous to avoid conflicts with your current job. Once a company matches your profile you can decide whether you want to contact the company or if you prefer to continue your anonymous search.

So: Create a profile, sit back, relax and let the dream job find you!

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